Chef Paayel Agarwaal


Certified Plant Based Chef from Blue Lotus Cooking School, Thailand.

Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach from Arhanta Yoga

Certified Mind Body Eating Coach from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating


Hi, I’m Paayel Agarwaal, and I welcome you to The Food Devotee. 

Fed on love and a steady diet of Tarla Dalal cook books, I left behind a successful baking business, to go down the road of healthy cooking and eating, with a focus on a plant-based diet, and the tremendous good it can bring to one’s body and soul. I grew up watching my mom cook, finding joy in every moment spent in the kitchen. Food wasn't just about eating; it was about family, tradition, and love.

Even as I pursued a career as a baker, my focus shifted when my mom fell ill. A meeting with a naturopath opened my eyes to the healing power of food. Determined to share this knowledge, I founded The Food Devotee.

Through workshops and simple recipes, I encourage people to rediscover the joy of cooking. I believe that good food doesn't have to be complicated and can be both delicious and nutritious.

But I am not here to enforce dietary rules. My mission is to help people include more plant based and fewer animal products in their diet. I invite everyone to embark on their culinary journey, one mindful bite at a time.

In my world, food is a celebration of life—a reminder that the best things are often the simplest. And as I spread this message, I hope to inspire others to find happiness in their kitchens.