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Do I need to be a vegan to attend your classes?

Not at all. My classes are not restricted to any dietary preferences. Anyone can attend who is looking to include more plants and fewer animal products in their diet.

Are all courses vegan?

Yes! All classes & ingredients are vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Are gluten-free options discussed?

Yes! Gluten-free options are discussed and shown wherever possible.

Jain variations will be discussed?

Yes! Jain variations will be discussed wherever applicable.

I am a non-vegetarian, will you teach non-veg variations?

No! We won't be teaching non vegetarian variations.

Will I get written PDF notes?

Yes, detailed written PDF notes will be provided.

Will I be able to access the videos lifetime?

Yes, the cooking classes have lifetime access wherever mentioned.

Can I start anytime I want?

Yes. There are no fixed enrolment dates, you can start anytime you want. 

Is this a pre-recorded course?

Yes! This is a live recorded zoom course. And all the videos are as good as a live class!

Do I need to watch the recording at a fixed time?

No, you are free to watch at your convenient time.

Is this a live class?

No, this is a live recording of a Zoom class which you can start immediately and complete at your convenience.
With this course you get lifetime access to the videos, detailed PDF notes.

Chef Paayel Agarwaal can be contacted on Whatsapp to ask and clarify queries.

What if I have questions while watching videos?

Good question! You can ask your queries on WhatsApp +91 90827 60163. Your questions will be directly answered by Chef Paayel Agarwaal.

The recipe names seem very interesting, but do I need very exotic ingredients to make these?

Great question! No, exotic ingredients are not required. All these recipes can be made will all the easily available ingredients at home. A lot of substitution ideas and tips are shared in the class too.