The Food Devotee is a thriving online community that celebrates plant-based cooking and mind-body eating understanding. Together, we nurture a positive relationship with what we eat, think and our well-being.

Exclusive Classes

At a special price discount for a limited period.


  • Health Focused Cooking

    Become a pro at making vegan meals with vegetarian, gluten-free, oil-free, & refined sugar-free recipes, so everyone can enjoy delicious healthy food.

  • Kitchen Confidence

    Learn flexible, healthy recipe tweaks, feeling like a kitchen pro, while mastering recipe customization for confidence in your cooking skills.

  • Supportive Culture

    Join a supportive community led by an expert chef, where everyone cheers you on, teaches cool tricks, and offers lifetime assistance for easy cooking.

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Our Mission

To inspire every individual towards plant-based cooking & mind-body eating understanding. We promote enjoying more plants & fewer animal products while cultivating mindfulness around food.

What Students Say

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